Business would do well to be 'bees-like' or indeed adopt 'beesness.' 

Bees are organised, diligent, and productive among other positive attributes that business would surely do great to emulate. Add human ingenuity, economy, and responsibility and 'beesness' becomes a satisfactory if not delightful enterprise. Moreover, while bees primarily have to make honey, 'beesness' fundamentally has to make money.

As 'beesness,' business definitely reverts to its originally intended and befitting name making it right not only in name but also in added appropriate features.

This logic led meKioko Muema, to best research and develop 'beesness' features, to discard unsatisfactory if not devastating business usualness and enable satisfactory if not delightful 'beesness' excellence, with a shared understanding of and action on it among its actors, resulting in beesness features as hereunder in brief.



Beesness features 

Beesness environment, 
Beesness product, 
Beesness actors, 
Beesness procurements, 
Beesness information, 
Beesness legality, 
Beesness security,
Beesness finance.

I best detail the foregoing in ebook


To have a peep at it, download its introductory pages by clicking the button hereunder.




With beesness, you of course get to feature satisfactory if not delightful:

- beesness environment, product, actors, procurements, information, legality, security, and finance

In addition to its inherent value, you: 

- clearly have unitary complementary beesness aspects or parts that altogether make it whole 
- formalize and systemize your beesness making it a deliberate rather than a chance occurrence

- enhance and entrench your inherent beesness acumen and protect it should it slip

- maximize and invite your chances of beesness success and minimize and repel your chances of beesness failure

- clearly state and remove doubt in your beesness actions, giving your beesness actors a clear description of their work, an invaluable attribute in their success

- clearly provide a uniform code for your beesness actors to adhere to, considering that they come from different schools of beesness yet are supposed to act harmoniously, ensuring coherent beesness actions

- do not just consider few parts of your beesness but all its vital aspects to indeed make a best balanced scorecard as indeed your beesness is only as strong as its weakest part

- surely discard unsatisfactory business usualness and foster satisfactory beesness excellence


On reading on its foregoing basis, features, (also in its abridged ebook available herein), and benefits, and having a discussion on the same with me, as business owners and/or directors, you choose beesness to be your satisfactory if not delightful business excellence approach and thereby to procure my enablement of it.


Beesness actions are your:  

Beesness ownership

Beesness management directment, and 

Beesness management.


Beesness actors are you as near to as feasible becoming/having: 

Beesness owners
Beesness management directors with beesness management directants forming beesness management directboards, and 
Beesness managers with beesness managents forming beesness manageteams.



Beesness enablement is my: 

Beesness training, 
Beesness consulting, and 

Beesness audit of your 

Beesness training informs you as prospective beesness actors on beesness features. I introduce then detail these to you for your firm knowledge and grasp of these.

Beesness training features:

Beesness environment training, 

Beesness product training, 

Beesness actors training, 

Beesness procurements training, 

Beesness information training, 

Beesness legality training, 

Beesness security training, and 

Beesness finance training.

It is oral, written, visual, and/or multimedia.

Beesness consulting advises, interprets, and/or substantiates on your beesness actions on your consultation on the same.
It comprises:

Beesness ownership consulting,

Beesness management directment consulting, and 

Beesness management consulting,

from me on your consultation for it on your beesness actions.

Beesness audit ascertains that your beesness actualization is in accordance with your beesness plan and that your beesness report is in accordance with your beesness actualization.

As in its foregoing description, it is twofold. It comprises:

Beesness actualization and plan audit and 

Beesness actualization and report audit.

My audit is external. It is in addition to your own internal audit.

To procure beesness enablement, simply invite me to offer it to you. I will definitely oblige to your invitation and on your acceptance of my offer, we shall both enter into an agreement contract for the same. As agreed, you then accordingly proceed to your beesness with my enablement of it.


Beesness enabler is me being your: 
Beesness trainer, 

Beesness consultant, and 

Beesness auditor. 

Beesness trainer is me being your: 

Beesness environment trainer,

Beesness product trainer,

Beesness actors trainer,

Beesness procurements trainer,

Beesness information trainer,

Beesness legality trainer,

Beesness security trainer, and 

Beesness finance trainer.


Beesness consultant is me being your: 

Beesness ownership consultant, 

Beesness management directment consultant, and 

Beesness management consultant.

Beesness auditor is me being your: 

Beesness plan and actualization auditor and 

Beesness actualization and report auditor.

To procure me for beesness enablement, simply invite me to offer it to you. I will definitely oblige to your invitation and on your acceptance of my offer, we shall both enter into an agreement contract for the same. As agreed, you then accordingly proceed to your beesness with my enablement of it.


You are quite welcome to contact me for further information or any clarification on beesness. I shall be glad to respond.

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